The Boxes

The ICEE ColdFold® box can be stored and shipped in a flat format, therefore saving time, space and money. Our ColdFold® boxes are superior to other common packaging, because they provide reliable and low-cost thermal protection to keep perishables fresh during transit.

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  • low-cost packaging solution
  • Ideal for ambient delivery – ask us how!
  • Made from airpop®: 98% air and 100% recyclable

BioFold® – coming soon

  • Certified worldwide as compostable
  • Made from bio-based foam derived from renewable such as corn and manioc

ColdFold® XT – available mid 2020

  • Extra-tough material for a more durable box
  • Ideal for high-use return models
  • Made of 98% air and 100% recyclable


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 Box Name   1kg ColdFold® 3kg ColdFold® 5kg ColdFold® 10kg ColdFold® 20kg ColdFold® 9L  ColdFold®
  1-Piece assembled 1-Piece Fold Flat 1-Piece Fold Flat  2-Piece Fold Flat  2-Piece Fold Flat   1-Piece Fold Flat
Insulated Box External Length [mm] 162 343 362 416 450 250
Insulated Box External Width [mm] 162 212 340 372 400 360
Insulated Box External Height [mm] 162 180 180 290 400 188
Insulated Box Thickness [mm] 30 28 30 38 45 22
Insulated Box Internal Length [mm] 102 287 302 340 360 206
Insulated Box Internal Width [mm] 102 156 280 296 310 316
Insulated Box Internal Height [mm] 102 124 120 214 310 144

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BioFold® is expected to go into trials early 2020 with production to follow. Samples should be shipped late 2020.

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