Compression Load vs Extension

Thermal Comparison Graph

Increased Density & Strength

Due to the versatile manufacturing process used to mould ColdFold® boxes, the wall thickness and density can be easily adjusted to meet the most demanding compression and stacking requirements.

The unique hinge geometry and solid construction of our folding boxes permits them to withstand high compression loads in a similar manner to traditional rigid foam containers.

Our particle foams are also not effected by humidity or cold temperatures and this makes the boxes ideal for loading or stacking in cool rooms or refrigerated vehicles.

Discover ICEE Durability

Simple, fast assembly 0:12

ICEE ColdFold® boxes are self-locking and easy to assemble. Video depicts 69 boxes, 3 minute real time video shot in time lapse = 2.5 seconds per box.

Tensile strength 20kg+ per 100mm 0:23

ICEE hinges have incredible tensile strength that can handle up to 20kg per 100mm. Filmed here with a 24kg kettle bell.

Hinge opening + closing 0:27

How many times can I fold and unfold the box? The boxes have been opened and closed thousands of times without breaking the hinge.

Guided demonstration for erecting ColdFold® boxes  6:58

Learn the quickest and easiest way to fold and unfold a ColdFold® box and other useful information.

Fast assembly of 2 piece box  0:05

Quick, easy assembly of the 2 piece ColdFold® in under 5 seconds!

How fast can you go?

Fewer trucks, less costs, less emissions

ICEE Box stacking comparison

Cold Chain Performance

Our ColdFold® boxes are made from particle foam polymers such as airpop®, ecovio® EA and EPP, all of which have incredibly low thermal conductivity. This means that in a cold chain application, all of our materials significantly restrict the flow of energy from the outside air into the package.

Thermal Conductivities at 10°C
EPS 19 g/L 0.0362 W/m.K
EPS 28 g/L 0.0333 W/m.K
EPP 40 g/L 0.041 W/m.K
Ecovio EA 30 g/L 0.0324 W/m.K

We take a scientific approach to producing designs for the given application and we don’t subscribe to posting graphs of undetailed or unsubstantiated boxes producing extraordinary long safe transit times. In reality, packaging for cold chain applications is complex and requires more than just a good insulative base material. If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.

With the versatility of particle foam moulding, our packages can be tailored to each application by altering the wall thickness, density, and material. This ensures that the minimum amount of resources are consumed and the performance is assured by rigours design and testing prior to production. Our process is the same whether you need a box that can do 48 hours in an ambient supply chain or a pathology box that only needs to go across town.

ColdFold® boxes, unlike many others, fold together tightly without any gaps or paths for air to flow between ambient air and the inside of the package. This ensures that if our boxes are made with the same geometry and foam density as traditional foam solutions (e.g. fish boxes, pharmaceutical boxes etc.), we can achieve analogous performance and draw on the long history of cost effective and proven results.

Through logging thousands of hours of temperature monitoring experiments, we are confident that our solutions can meet or exceed any cold chain packaging requirements. Please contact us for data relevant to your packaging and supply chain.

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