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ICEE Boxes printed and stacked

We will facilitate tooling for licensees to mould boxes using these materials

  1. airpop® – low cost option
  2. Compostable option – plant-derived bio foam
  3. Ultra-tough option – hybrid bead in Piocelan and Arcel, ideal for high-use return models.
  4. EPP – ultra durable, superior shock absorption and bounce back.

Contrary to popular belief our ICEE ColdFold® boxes mould in conventional shape moulding equipment with similar productivity and efficiency to conventional tub and lid moulding. Our boxes produce at a very similar cost to a traditional rigid boxes and after that you save money in storage and transport and so do your customers. Circular economy is simple as our boxes are convenient to store and easy to return for reuse and recycling. Our ICEE fold flat technology works well with airpop, Arcel, Piocelan, EPP and the latest bio foam from BASF ecovio® EA. We have produced ICEE boxes using all these materials using the same ICEE moulding tool. No new shape moulding machines, no new downstream technology, no post moulding processing, just exciting fold flat boxes straight from your existing equipment using the patented ICEE moulding system with the same or similar productivity to what you get now from a tub and lid. The target market for the ICEE ColdFold® boxes is every business sector that now use a tub and lid format plus all the exciting new business opportunities being created by the online delivery market for goods that benefit from temperature control.

For licensing enquiries, please apply to ICEE. Licences will be considered based on geography and product. Email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about the ICEE folding insulated box?

Its hinge is durable and multi-use. It folds flat for easy and economical transport, storage and pick-up for reuse or recycling.

What is the ICEE folding hinge made of?

There have been some interesting guesses over the years – a plastic strip, glue, wood … all wrong. The hinge is made of 100% EPS or, as we like to call it, airpop®.

However, we now have alternatives. ICEE has successfully moulded hinges in a suite of 3 fold-flat insulated boxes. All of them are insulating – cushioning – multi-use – 98% air – 100% recyclable and all fold flat!

  1. airpop®: low cost option.
  2. Compostable: ecovio® a plant-derived bio foam certified compostable worldwide.
  3. Hybrid bead technology: Piocelan® (Sekisui, Japan) or Arcel® (Nova Chemicals, USA) ultra-tough material for high use and return models.
  4. EPP: Ultra durable, great bounce back shock absorption, used in applications such as car bumper bars.

Is it patented?

Yes. We have multiple patents on the process and manufacturing systems worldwide.

Where can I get the box?

Patience is a virtue and we hope to be in production late 2018, but in the interim you can contact ICEE Melbourne R&D, where we have a limited production facility for a sample box to help move your project forward. Please contact us for any enquiries.

How do I assemble and secure the box?

The box is self-locking for easy assembly and packing, basically the same as a cardboard box – banding, shrink wrap, stretch labels or just plain adhesive tape are a few options. It can be simple or sophisticated depending on your requirements.

Can the box be printed?

Yes. The boxes are printed flat and all sides are printed simultaneously. Printing the box flat provides more printing options than previously available with conventional tub boxes – fast, high resolution printing and print on demand, one box or thousands.

What is different about the manufacturing process?

Fundamentally, it’s no different to standard EPS moulding. The ICEE fold-flat insulated boxes can be moulded between 20 and 30 g/L.

Are the suite of ICEE folding insulated boxes an alternative or an adjunct product to current airpop® boxes?

The suite of ICEE fold-flat insulated boxes can be an alternative for traditional industries using EPS, such as pharmaceuticals, seafood, primary produce etc. However, the growth opportunities lie in new markets such as online grocery deliveries, dinner meal kits, pre-prepared food and other food eTailers.

Is the box watertight?

The box is not watertight but we recommend using an inexpensive, biodegradable liner that keeps the box clean, watertight and easy to recycle.

What determines the unit cost of the box and how does the cost compare to equivalent conventional airpop® boxes?

Cost is determined by the volume of material and moulding time, the same criteria as for traditional foam boxes. The cost is expected to be similar to conventional foam boxes, but the downstream savings in storage, transportation and ability to reuse and recycle should provide a compelling economic advantage.

Does the ICEE folding box require specialised equipment/investment or can it be fitted to current EPS machinery?

No. All our folding insulated boxes can be moulded in conventional EPS or EPP moulding machines using our tooling, and as efficiently as with conventionally moulded airpop® boxes.

How does the production rate compare to conventional EPS box manufacture?

The production rate of flat products in the past has been disadvantaged due to platen area however our latest technology significantly reduces the platen footprint. This ensures a high production rate and a low cost box.

What is involved in becoming a licensee?

To become a licensee, you need to apply to ICEE. Licences will be considered on the basis of geography and product. Please contact us for more information.

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