Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.

If the information below doesn’t answer your question, please contact us and we’ll do our best to answer your question.

Is the box recyclable?

Yes, it’s 100% recyclable and the recycling process is clean and simple. See our Recyclable Page.

Is the box environmentally friendly?

Yes. It has an environmentally attractive footprint as it’s made of 98% air, thus using few resources and saving precious trees and water. There is also a compostable option made of bio-based foam derived from sustainably grown plants, such as corn and manioc.

Is the box reusable?

Yes, ICEE boxes are not single use. The ability to conveniently and economically store the boxes flat ensures a closed-loop economy. Boxes can be picked up on the next delivery cycle for reuse or recycling.

How many times can I fold it without breaking the hinge?

Countless. Literally. We’ve lost count doing it as we haven’t broken one yet by folding and unfolding it. The number of times the box can be reused depends on the handling during the supply chain, as this will affect the box condition.

How do I assemble and secure the box?

The box is self-locking for easy assembly and packing, basically the same as a cardboard box: banding, shrink wrap, box erectors, stretch labels or just plain sticky tape are a few options. It can be simple or sophisticated depending on your requirements.

Is the box watertight?

The box is not watertight but we recommend using an inexpensive, biodegradable liner that keeps the box clean, watertight and easy to recycle.

Can the box be branded?

Yes. The boxes are printed flat and all sides are printed simultaneously. Printing the box flat opens up more printing options than previously available – using fast, high resolution printers and digitally printing on demand, one box or thousands.

Alternatively, heat shrink wrapping can be used to capture colour printed marketing sheets underneath; this also protects the box for increased re-usability.

What determines the unit cost and how does it compare to equivalent foam boxes?

Cost is determined by the volume of material and moulding time – the same criteria as for traditional foam boxes. The cost is similar to conventional foam boxes, but the downstream savings in storage, transportation and ability to reuse and recycle should provide a compelling economic advantage.

What material is the box made from?

The hinge is made of 100% EPS or, as we like to call it, airpop®.

However, we now have alternatives. ICEE has successfully moulded hinges in a suite of 4 fold-flat foam boxes. All of them are insulating – cushioning – multi-use – 98% air – 100% recyclable or compostable.

  1. airpop®: low cost option.
  2. Compostable: ecovio® a plant-derived bio foam certified compostable worldwide.
  3. Hybrid bead technology: Piocelan® (Sekisui, Japan) or Arcel® (Nova Chemicals, USA) ultra-tough material for high use and return models.
  4. EPP: ultra durable with superior shock absorption and bounce back. Commonly used as cars bumper bars so you know it’s tough.

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