Stores flat until pick-up for reuse

Made of 98% air + 100% recyclable

Too valuable to end up in landfill

Insulating Foam Has Many Lives


ColdFold®d boxes are made of airpop® which contains valuable raw materials, and when the box is no longer needed, it can be recycled many times without deterioration. In fact, a key benefit of particle foams is that they can be cleanly and easily recycled through several different methods and for various valuable applications:

Regrinding the beads: airpop® can be ground for direct reuse in building and construction products such as waffle pods, cladding and lightweight cement.

Dissolution: using a natural dissolution process, airpop® can be completely dissolved into an environmentally benign and reusable liquid. The “air” is taken out of the material so that it has a high density for cost-effective transport, and the valuable polystyrene is separated from other plastics and impurities. These modern processes, such as CreaSolv and Polystyvert, are closed-loop recycling systems. airpop® can be reused in injection moulding, extrusion or even converted back to particle foam, saving precious resources!

BioFold® – commercial production coming soon

The BioFold® box is durable and ideal for multiple use and composted at end of life, but it can also be recycled for use in other PLA-based products.

ColdFold® XT

Our ColdFold® XT is meant to be reused. It is sufficiently robust to have a long life of heavy abuse, and of course it can finally be recycled.

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End of life


At end of life, once all reuse and recycling options have been exhausted, airpop® packaging is great for waste-to-energy programs. In fact, airpop® has a higher calorific value than coal and almost approaches natural gas. When incinerated, it produces high energy but low environmental impact, so our packaging is a valuable resource. It leaves no toxic residue at the end of its life cycle.

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BioFold® – commercial production coming soon

Our certified compostable box, made from BASF’s ecovio® EA particle foam, is a plant-derived bio foam that comes from sugar-generating plants such as corn and manioc. It has the same insulating and cushioning properties as traditional foam, but it can be disposed of along with leftover food waste in an industrial composting facility where the biological degradation process can occur.

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ColdFold® XT

Just like our airpop® box, once all reuse and recycling options have been exhausted, the ultra-tough box packaging is great for waste-to-energy programs. It has a higher calorific value than coal and almost approaches natural gas. When incinerated, it produces high energy with low environmental impact, so our packaging is a valuable resource. It leaves no toxic residue at the end of its life cycle.

What do I do with the box?

The ability to conveniently and economically return the box for reuse and recycling is a very important element in any sophisticated supply chain. Recycling foam is clean, simple and a commercially attractive process. Customers can conveniently store the box flat at home until the driver collects the box on the next delivery cycle for recycling or reuse. Alternatively, foam has an extensive, sophisticated recycling network in many countries.

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Save Food

Our boxes are 98% air, providing superior, reliable insulation that keeps food fresh and protected along the supply chain. In 2014 ICEE joined the UN initiative Save Food, which is committed to reducing global food losses of 30% and as high as 40% in less developed countries – that is 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted each year.

Our folding insulated boxes, with their affordable superior thermal and cushioning properties are part of the solution. By controlling temperature during transportation, less food is lost through temperature stress, and the exceptional cushioning of our boxes reduces bruising.

Save Food

Save Resources

Our boxes use less raw material, create less CO2 emissions, and use less energy to manufacture as we use mostly air. Our packaging is lightweight and folds-flat, saving space and fuel during transportation.

Our boxes consist of 98% air which insulates and protects the cargo inside, ensuring the food or goods are not wasted due to damage.

The boxes weigh up to half as much as other popular packaging materials such as cardboard, and do not need any extra packaging to achieve thermal efficiency – no silver bags/liners, wool, paper or cotton for insulation.

There is also no need for refrigerated vehicles, as the packaging itself has excellent thermal qualities.

Finally, the recycling process is clean and simple, which uses less energy, causes less pollution, and saves natural resources.

98% air is great

ICEE’s innovative packaging uses air to ensure the safe delivery of your goods. Made of 98% air, it is an extremely resource-efficient product and uses no CFCs or HCFCs in manufacture. Steam is the key ingredient, and the water is reused many times.

It does not produce residual solid waste from the production or recycling process. Using less energy and resources and a clean recycling process, our packaging has a low environmental impact.

The ICEE box folds flat for economical storage and transportation, facilitating a closed-loop economy. It is one of the lightest packaging materials, reducing transportation fuel consumption.

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Compostable Options

The ICEE innovation works with various materials including plant-derived bio foam. It has the same cushioning and insulating properties as traditional foam, but its biobased content is compostable and derived from renewable resources such as corn and manioc. BASF’s ecovio® EA is certified compostable, and biodegradation occurs during industrial composting.

It retains the same high performance in the hinges, so folding flat is no problem and it can take the same load as the traditional foam box. ICEE continues to work with other plant-derived bio foams, including pure EPLAs, to ensure ongoing research and improvement in these alternative insulating foams.

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