ICEE is in Commercial Production

Watch the video ‘ICEE is in Commercial Production’

The day we have all eagerly waited has arrived – ICEE has gone into commercial production in conjunction with an Australian licensee to produce a 32 litre produce box.

We want to share with you the excitement and pride we have in the ICEE Team and this world first achievement, so please enjoy the short video presentation.

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Major Milestones for the Last Twelve Months.

The development of a single cycle process to produce the box with fully integrated hinges. This innovation has halved the equipment requirements for the moulding process back to a single moulding machine. The capital investment in a moulding machine to make the ICEE hinged product is now comparable to the equivalent machine to produce a conventional formed box.

We have been aware from the beginning of the ICEE project that we had a potential efficiency challenge in moulding a flat form box due to the larger platen surface required. There are very significant supply chain efficiencies with the ICEE box that will guarantee huge cost reductions in the supply chain post the moulding process. However this initial moulding inefficiency was troublesome.



ICEE Custom Machine

The ICEE team was determined to eliminate any real or imagined deficiency in the folding box concept, so the challenge was to design an efficient EPS moulding machine that delivered equal or better efficiency when moulding flat form boxes compared to conventional boxes.

The resulting machine is an ICEE patented double platen concept designed and built by the ICEE Engineering Team. As well as being a highly efficient production machine for flat form boxes, it also has a footprint of only 9 square metres so the potential productivity for the factory floor space is very high. WIN-WIN.

I can hear all the interested moulding companies saying that a concept machine in the ICEE factory in Melbourne is not going to help them get into early production, but we are on to that problem also!

We have had two machine builders visit the ICEE factory to review the ICEE machine. Both have committed to production of machines for the ICEE concept.

There will still be some skeptics out there that think the ICEE folding box will be flimsy. To be clear on this we have not yet had the opportunity for an extensive testing regime but we have done preliminary crush tests and I can share with you that the equivalent fully moulded 32 litre box failed the compression test at 280 kg which is the same weight the ICEE Box failed at. We are quietly pretty pleased with this and feel that our folding design concept can now be rolled out to a large range of produce style boxes with confidence.


Market Opportunities

We know the ICEE fold flat box can make significant inroads into the existing markets for moulded EPS but we are keenly aware of the huge opportunity that exists in online grocery sector and pre-prepared meals, for which there is currently no ideal packaging solution. Our research indicates that internet grocery purchases alone in the top 13 countries will reach one trillion US dollars by 2020. This business is going to need a lot of secure, thermally efficient boxes and we think the ICEE fold flat offers the perfect solution.

ICEE is now a member of EUMEPS and we have universally adopted the airpop® brand for the marketing of ICEE products.  If you have not watched the video for the airpop® brand we recommend you take a few minutes and click on the link

ICEE is also a member of the UN based global initiative SAVE FOOD. Much of the world produce is lost through climate stress and bruising in the supply chain. We think the ICEE product has a significant role to play in the protection and transportation of fresh produce and the prevention of waste. Based on UN estimates a 25% reduction in food waste will solve the world’s food shortage. We don’t have to make more we just have to package and handle what is currently grown better. ICEE can help with this.


Want to Know More?

ICEE will exhibit at Indiapack 2015, Mumbai 8-11 October for anyone wanting to visit us there. Whilst we have no formal plans to visit Pack Expo in Las Vegas 28-30 September, we are prepared to visit the show if this proves an efficient venue to meet with the many people in the Americas that have expressed interest in our product and process since our first Pack Expo show in Chicago back in 2012.

The ICEE business model is to license EPS producers across the globe to use the ICEE technology on a royalty fee basis. We have now commercially proven the project and consider the project to be de risked.

The time has now come for us to consider submissions from EPS moulders for ICEE licences and to work with machine builders to get a means of production ramped up to meet what we all expect to be a buoyant demand for the ICEE product in the global packaging market.

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Gary Skinner
Managing Director