ICEE Fold Flat EPS Box Goes To Commercial Production!

32L_General_Goods_BoxDiagram_1_V3.124344From Australia to Chicago, Hong Kong, Seoul, Las Vegas, Berlin, Shanghai, New Orleans and Düsseldorf, we have travelled many miles and heeded invaluable feedback from you – our potential clients and end users – on the ICEE product.

ICEE has spent the last 12 months rethinking our challenges and objectives to ensure we go to market with the best possible box and a manufacturing solution that guarantees production as good as or better than industry standards for conventional EPS boxes.

ICEE’s mission has been to bring a product to market that provides demonstrable benefits through the entire manufacturing and supply chain.

Patience is a virtue and we have been very meticulous trying to get it right for you. We are confident that we will demonstrate productivity and costs that will equal or exceed industry standards for:

• Productivity of EPS box production
• Unit cost of EPS boxes
• Greatly improved storage and transportation logistics

Our aim has been to eliminate any negative aspects associated with the manufacture, supply and reprocessing of the ICEE product compared to conventional EPS boxes.

The last 12 months have been challenging and hectic, but our progress has been impressive and we are now poised to produce the first commercial ICEE product: a 32L box for delivery of premium groceries for an Australian client.

Commercial Production Commencing July 2015


No longer just a prototype, the ICEE innovation is now very real, and you’ll see ICEE accelerating in the second half of 2015. We are confident we will be able to demonstrate commercial productivity of a high quality fold-flat EPS box that will be made more cheaply and quickly than a conventional EPS box. It will have the obvious advantages of greatly reduced storage and transportation costs, plus recycling and re-use options. The ICEE box has the potential to reshape the industry and open huge new market opportunities.

The first 32L box project in Australia has demonstrated substantial savings for the client. The above schematic demonstrates the advantage of the switch to the ICEE products where a single pallet replaces 4 pallets of product in the client’s current storage configuration.

What’s Next?

Following the commercial production of the fold-flat box in Melbourne, we’re anticipating a second box design will be released from our Shanghai facility for internet grocery deliveries in the Shanghai region.

The Business End

The terms of our licence agreement are being finalised now, and we have lodged additional patents to cover new and improved manufacturing and design elements.

We are in discussions with EPS machine builders to make sure the most efficient and reliable equipment is available for producers who wish to participate in the ICEE project.

In the first 24 months, tool building and machine building capacities will limit the rollout of production capability to lCEE licensees. We have received high levels of interest in the ICEE concept from industry sectors, end users, packaging distributors and manufacturers.

EPS manufacturers interested in the ICEE project should contact us now. It is unrealistic to expect that we can deal with anything other than a small proportion of the expressions of interest until tooling and manufacturing machinery production matures.

If you believe the ICEE project provides opportunities for your organisation, now would be a good time for us to receive your renewed expression of interest, so we can implement a strategic plan for you.

Register expressions of interest to

A Last Thought


Currently there is no ideal packaging solution for online food sales, which was high on the agenda for most packaging distributors and designers we met at trade shows. This global industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, and according to IbisWorld has been ranked in the top five industries expected to soar in 2015 with the second highest amount of revenue growth.

This increase is not just limited to time-conscious consumers buying groceries online, but also to the click and collect sector for dinner meal kits to be prepared at home, as well as ready-made frozen meals, takeout and delivery aggregate sites.

We are often asked about closure systems for the ICEE box, and of course there are many from basic tape to more sophisticated solutions. A superb solution that allows for high-speed security seals with quality graphics is the Bandall machine. Our good friends at Bandall loaned us a demonstration unit for Interpack 2014, and this short video shows our ICEE box being sealed on a Bandall machine.

ICEE Folding Box Closure Video

We know the industries that currently use EPS, so let’s capture the ones that don’t with the wonderful ICEE Folding EPS Box.

Stay tuned for our next exciting chapter.
The ICEE Team