April 2017

You asked for it – we’ve done it! Mould fold flat EPS boxes on your conventional shape moulding machines. Achieve equivalent or better productivity than conventional box moulding. NO NEW EQUIPMENT REQUIRED. A genuine drop in solution to mould various foam polymers.   Compostable. Reusable. Recyclable. ICEE has successfully moulded a living hinge in EPS, […]

ICEE is in Commercial Production

Watch the video ‘ICEE is in Commercial Production’ The day we have all eagerly waited has arrived – ICEE has gone into commercial production in conjunction with an Australian licensee to produce a 32 litre produce box. We want to share with you the excitement and pride we have in the ICEE Team and this […]

ICEE Fold Flat EPS Box Goes To Commercial Production!

From Australia to Chicago, Hong Kong, Seoul, Las Vegas, Berlin, Shanghai, New Orleans and Düsseldorf, we have travelled many miles and heeded invaluable feedback from you – our potential clients and end users – on the ICEE product. ICEE has spent the last 12 months rethinking our challenges and objectives to ensure we go to […]

Save Food Initiative

We are proud to announce that ICEE is now a member of the Save Food initiative, www.save-food.org in the fight against global food losses with an average estimate of 30% and as high as 40% in less developed countries. A major factor in these losses is due to food spoiling along the supply chain, we are confident […]

A whirlwind of shows

The ICEE Team would like to thank you for visiting our booth at Hong Kong Fruitlogista, Vegas Pack Expo and PMA New Orleans. It was certainly a pleasure meeting every one of you and your enthusiastic response to our product – we are pleased you love it as much as we do. We received some […]

World’s best box… we are nearly there!

Nearly there We know it’s been quiet on the surface but a lot has been happening with the foundations of the ICEE product. From all our exhibitions we have noted the consistent feedback on important issues to our clients: 1. Machine productivity – April 2014 we are scheduled to commence trialing a new machine format […]

Sorry we’ve been awol but…

…There has been a lot happening and we want to keep you up to date with our progress. Following the very exciting show in Chicago we returned to Australia with valuable and incisive feedback on the product from marketers and consumers. The comments were all positive and encouraging but we realised there were aspects of […]