Q: What is different about the ICEE Folding Box?

A: Its hinge is durable and multi-use. It folds flat for easy and economical transport and storage.

Q: What is the ICEE hinge made of?

A: There have been some interesting guesses over the years – a plastic strip, glue, wood … all wrong. The hinge is made of 100% EPS or as we like to call it airpop®.

However, we now have alternatives. ICEE has successfully moulded hinges in a suite of 3 fold flat insulated boxes: all of them are insulating – cushioning – multi-use – 98% air – 100% recyclable and all fold flat!

  1. airpop®: low cost option.
  2. Compostable: ecovio® a plant derived biofoam certified compostable worldwide.
  3. Hybrid bead technology: Piocelan® (Sekisui, Japan) or Arcel® (Nova Chemicals, USA) ultra-tough material for high use and return models.

Q: Is it patented?

A: Yes. We have multiple patents on the process and manufacturing systems worldwide.

Q: Where can I get the box?

A: Patience is a virtue and we hope to be in production late 2017 but in the interim you can contact ICEE Melbourne R&D, where we have a limited production facility for a sample box to help move your project forward.

Q: How do I assemble and secure the box?

A: The box is self-locking for easy assembly and packing, basically the same as a cardboard box – banding, shrink wrap, stretch labels or just plain adhesive tape are a few options. It can be simple or sophisticated depending on your requirements. See our Closures System for more info.

Q: Can the box be printed?

A: The boxes are printed flat and all sides are printed simultaneously. Printing the box flat provides more printing option technologies than previously available with conventional tub boxes – fast, high resolution printers and print on demand, one box or thousands.

Q: What is different about the manufacturing process?

A: Fundamentally, no different to standard EPS moulding. The ICEE folding insulated boxes can be moulded between 20 and 30 g/L.

Q: Are the suite of ICEE folding insulated boxes an alternative or an adjunct product to current airpop® boxes?

A: The suite of ICEE fold flat insulated boxes can be an alternative to traditional EPS industries such as pharmaceuticals, seafood etc. However, the growth opportunities lie in new markets such as online grocery deliveries, primary produce, industrial applications and RPCs.

Q: Is the box watertight?

A: The box is not watertight but we recommend the use of an inexpensive, biodegradable liner which keeps the box clean, watertight and easy to recycle.

Q: What determines the unit cost of the box and how does the cost compare to equivalent conventional airpop® boxes?

A: Cost is determined by the volume of material and moulding time, the same criteria as for a traditional airpop® box. The cost is expected to be similar to current airpop® format boxes but the downstream savings in storage, transportation and ability to reuse and recycle should provide a compelling economic advantage.

Q: Does the ICEE folding box require specialised equipment/investment or can it be fitted to current EPS machinery?

A: No. All our folding insulated boxes can be moulded in conventional EPS moulding machines using our tooling with equivalent efficiency to conventionally moulded airpop® boxes.

Q: Does the ICEE folding box moulding process require any non-standard skill sets for this industry – what are they?

A: Existing EPS moulders will have no problem adapting to the ICEE format.

Q: How does the production rate compare to conventional EPS box manufacture?

A: Production efficiency always depends on the size of the machine and the box size being produced. However, it is anticipated the ICEE box moulding cycle will be equivalent to or faster than a conventional box moulding cycle.

Q: What is involved in becoming a licensee?

A: To become a licensee, you need to apply to ICEE. Licences will be considered on the basis of geography and product. Email us at icee@iceefoldingbox.com

We are proud members of EUMEPS and airpop® – engineered air.

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