Capture New Markets

The ICEE fold flat insulated boxes reduce spoilage in fresh produce and keeps contents safe. It is ideally suited for the growing demand in online grocery shopping*, farm gate to consumer direct deliveries, and the grower to supermarket supply chain.

The ICEE boxes can be easily security-sealed, protecting against biohazards and environmental factors for safe delivery to homes and supermarkets.

Fresh produce, other perishables and fragile items such as flowers, electronics, seafood, meat, dairy, and pharmaceutical products arrive safe and uncontaminated.

The low storage volume makes the ICEE boxes ideal for courier companies wishing to provide customers with a thermally insulated, high protection package for perishable and fragile items as ICEE boxes are conveniently delivered flat and picked up flat for return and reuse.

The convenience of storage and transport for the ICEE fold flat insulated boxes also makes them ideal for humanitarian aid programs to remote regions and military supply logistics.

In 2014, ICEE joined the Save Food initiative to fight global food losses of 30% and as high as 40% in less developed countries – that is, 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted each year. The ICEE fold flat insulated boxes with its superior thermal and cushioning properties is part of the solution to providing insulated transit containers so food is not spoilt along the supply chain. The aim is to improve fresh food logistics by reducing transport and storage costs and reduce losses through spoilage in fresh produce.

The ICEE boxes can be self-locking for easy assembly and packing. Automated assembly options are available, see closure systems.

Seafood, pharmaceuticals, fresh produce … we already know the industries that use airpop® so let’s grow the use in existing markets and capture the new ones. It’s not the customers you have; it’s the new customers you’ll get – think, the lucrative ecommerce markets as well as the primary produce industry.

* Grocery purchases per annum in only the top 15 global economies by 2020 is predicted to be $7.9 trillion.’ Article China Grocery Boom Accelerates, Inside Retail Asia, 25 Aug 2015. An estimated 20% of this will be internet grocery deliveries.

Seethrough box side view

Capture New Markets

Disruptive Delivery Solutions

The ICEE insulated foam boxes solves the Last Mile problem as it keeps produce fresh and also permits the use of unrefrigerated transportation by utilising Uber/ride sharing apps, taxi apps, couriers, bicycles, motorbikes etc saving time, space and money. Flat boxes are then easily picked up by these small-scale vehicles for recycling or reuse.

disruptive delivery services

Disruptive delivery solutions

Environmental benefits

  • The flat storage of the ICEE fold flat insulated boxes make it easy for storage, recycling pick-ups or reuse
  • Utilises unrefrigerated vehicles
  • The ICEE boxes meet the food contact regulatory standards
  • All ICEE boxes are 98% air and 100% recyclable
  • airpop®has a high calorific value in a “waste-to-energy program” 1 kg of airpop® is approximately equivalent to 1.5 litres of fuel oil. There is no toxic residue when airpop® is burnt and the waste residue is inert and free of toxins
  • ICEE are members of Save Food committed to reducing food spoilage with our advanced insulated packaging
  • To learn more about the environmental benefits of airpop®visit or watch the video below

100% Recyclable

We are proud members of EUMEPS and airpop® – engineered air.

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