Superior Insulation
and Environmentally Conscious

Made of 98% air

Superior Insulation

Ideal last mile solution

Online groceries

Meal kits

Pre-prepared meals

Food eTailers

Trusted + reliable insulated packaging for perishables
Folds flat for economical storage + transportation

The ICEE ColdFold® box is a revolutionary packaging that uses a patented process to create a strong, durable hinge in foam boxes. As a result, boxes can now be stored and shipped in a flat format, therefore saving time, space and money. Our ColdFold® boxes are superior to other common packaging, because they provide reliable and low-cost thermal protection to keep perishables fresh during transit.

We have a suite of 3 ColdFold® boxes: all of them are insulating – cushioning – multiuse – 98% air – 100% recyclable and fold flat!

Suitable for ambient


Folds flat

Low cost

Made of 98% air


100% recyclable


Up to 65% space saving

Environmentally Conscious


Made of 98% air and 100% recyclable

Compostable options



Return, reduce, reuse, recycle

“If the packaging system fails to provide adequate protection for the goods it contains, then it is not really sustainable at all; both package and product will be wasted.”

S. Selke

No silver bags or pouches

Green circular economy

Circular economy

No insulation fillers

Not single-use plastic

Made of 98% air


100% recyclable


Up to 65% space saving

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Fold Flat Box

Economical Storage & Transportation

Folds Flat

Low Cost Option


Plant Derived Bio Foam

Compostable Option

Ideal for high-use return models

Ultra-tough Option

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