About the ICEE Folding airpop® Box

Innovative Design

airpop® is engineered air – in fact 98% air. It is superior to other common packaging because it provides thermal protection to keep perishables fresh during transit and storage, and reduces damage during transportation due to its excellent cushioning qualities.

The ICEE Folding airpop® Box is a revolutionary product that uses a patented process that permits a strong durable hinge to be created. The implication of the patented hinge for the production of airpop® boxes is that they can now be produced, stored and shipped in a flat format, saving time, space and money.

The ability to conveniently and economically return the box for re-use and recycling is a very important element in any sophisticated supply chain and recycling airpop® is simple, convenient and a commercially attractive process. airpop® can be easily compressed into ingots using a compactor, saving storage space until the product can be conveniently picked up for recycling or reprocessing.

The ICEE Folding airpop® Box has excellent environmental credentials in both the production phase and in the recycling stage.

Our Company

Environmental & Biohazard Protection

ICEE Containers Pty Ltd is a privately owned company based in Melbourne, Australia. The company and its affiliates have 30 years experience in manufacturing techniques, such as extrusion and airpop® moulding. The ICEE Folding Box is the result of several years of research and development to perfect a process in forming an integrated hinge in an airpop® product during the moulding cycle.

The result has been a durable, strong, multi-use hinge that is ideal to produce airpop® containers that fold flat. airpop® has always been considered a superior packaging material because of its high insulation and cushioning qualities and its attractive environmental footprint. The disadvantage with airpop® containers – until now – is they have been produced in an assembled form, which makes them expensive and inconvenient to store, transport and return for recycling or re-use due to their bulk. The patented ICEE hinge resolves these issues and creates opportunities for airpop® containers to become the preferred packaging medium for fresh produce, meats, seafood, baked goods, pharmaceuticals and online grocery deliveries.

Economical Environmental Innovative

We are proud members of EUMEPS and airpop® – engineered air.

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